Sunday, June 29, 2008

andy in munny form

this is  Andy painted on a mini munny.  I'll pick up a few more next week and paint them up.  

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had originally uploaded this work in progress in photobucket, but it was rejected because evidently nipples = the horror, the horror. A few years ago I  did some work for a magazine that had the same rule. Whenever we received a photo to retouch, the first thing we would do was remove any hint of nipple.  Advertisers wouldn't advertise in any magazine it deemed pornographic. The internets is not immune to the same shenanigans! 
to the picture....

I'm considering changing this picture to a night scene because it screams STARS.  I want butthead to come out of the ground and the girl needs to be more pale in the extremities.  
The finished product might not look anything like this.

Friday, June 13, 2008

at the met

A few weeks ago Chris Lee and I went to see the Super Hero fashion show at the MET, the following occurred.

And just for kicks, here's a video of me (and my pale dead legs) drawing. The second song is by hottie/racist(?) b. bardot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On Saturday I went to Donato Giancola's open studio, which was Super nice of him. A real Pro's Pro.
Sunday I made my annual visit to the MOCCA arts festival. It was a little more crowded this year than it was last year (when I had a table, curses!). Some time in the afternoon there was a fire alarm and everyone had to exit for almost 40 minutes. Because of the 95+ degree heat, that time outside was not enjoyable.  
Afterwards college pal, Joe Flood recommended  picking up  "FREDDIE AND ME" by Mike Dawson. I'm glad I did, it's really fantastic I suggest you pick it up too.   

Monday, June 2, 2008

venture bros

I was introduced to the Venture Bros by Carly Monardo
(fantastic artist!) a few years ago and didn't really get to watch it until last year. And when I did, I was HOOKED on phonics!
I got to meet the creators at NY comic con in April, a hilarious rag tag bunch.
so to celebrate the release of season 3, (first episode streaming online here)
I decided to do some more fan art. This was done in oils (because I wanted to finish this tube of brownpink) and then taken into photoshop for some tinkering (because it's faster).

There's more fan art from the show here (deviant art gallery)