Friday, December 9, 2011

some words.

blogspot, I've neglected you too long my friend, companion, and secret lover. So much has happened since my last written post. Wait, have I ever done one of these? No? Sorry! As the above illustration shows, I've been running around.
Well on to the updates!
I've developed this amazing and uncanny ability to wake up at 3am every morning no matter how many hours I want to sleep. I do not want to wake up at 3am, but the sandman is a bit of a bastard and only sprinkles so much sleep dust on me every night. This is the conclusion I came to after many minutes of research and careful study.
I have also returned to writing fiction. What? I write fiction?! Yes! As it turns out I've been writing most of my life but stopped after some discouragement from a critic (she told me I was bad). ( I am well aware of how sensitive I can be so shush!) I have a few ideas to develop and you've already seen some of the sketches posted on here.
I started a tumblr. The link is on the right. I'm having fun with it even though no one reads it, prove me wrong friends! Prove me wrong! There sure are a lot of craziness in New York. Armed with nothing but my camera phone and my wit (and my pistol) I'm ready to document and comment.
So to wrap up, it's the holiday season so look for some holiday themed posts both on here and on my illustrated blog and my tumblr. Time really is flying and sometimes it's hard to keep up.

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