Friday, February 3, 2012

Lion King mask 1

Ok here's the start of the Mask. First I went online to find good reference, I couldn't find too many profiles views, so I'll have to use some artistic liberties when it gets to that point. I made a few prints.
I have a lot of cardboard from deliveries and finally they come in handy! Next to that is a permanent ink marker (which makes me dizzy as hell, I don't like using black sharpies).  A box cutter and a compass.

 I use the compass to enlarge the image and mark the cardboard. The problem with this is, it rounds out the edges a little too much, not a big deal, you can eyeball it and fix it later.
It helps to draw the shapes in to fix the outline. This is a quick doodle of what it'll look like. As you can see the lower half of the jaw is way too round and will be trimmed later (I will also trim my toe nails).  The next step will be to estimate the profile and glue it in the middle. That will be a bit more difficult but should be fun as well.
So stay tuned for the next update!

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