Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life drawing

Drawing and posting on the train.
 The trick to doing these drawings is going with the bumps. (good words to live by I always say) When your hand slips or the train makes a sudden jerk, go with it. Don't fight it. If you're constantly fighting it your lines will be stiff, jagged and just plain old  ugly.  Make the drawing feel like you meant to do it, look confident. Its like tripping in public, act like you meant to do it and if people laugh, good! you meant to do that! YOU SIR/MADAM ARE A PHYSICAL COMIC GENIUS! you can go home and cry about it later. Also art isn't like baseball, you can cry all you want. In fact Im crying right now. On the  train, over this post.  yep that's what Im doing.
No. Im lying. But all that other stuff about drawing is all true.
still standing,

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