Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why it matters.

There are three reasons why you're reading this blog.
1. you just stumbled in by accident following links.
  2. you're a friend/ future friend/ former friend .
3. You're interested in how a "sketching" blog looks. And the work intrigues you.

The work is me so I can't talk about the work without telling my story. Drawing is how many of us meditate (sometimes yoga, ... poorly). A calm comes over me when I draw ( I draw all the time during my commutes), but at the same time it helps me focus (like green tea for the soul?). Drawing helps me through difficult times (oh boy did I have a lot of that this past year) and never lets me down. The fact is I've been able to draw (sometimes well) for most of my life. Drawing has always given me joy. There are no limits, you just need inspiration and if you try hard enough, if you put in the effort and see your mistakes, and correct them when you notice them. You can make it happen, don't you wish all of life could be this way?

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