Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cintiq 24hd review

This is the cintiq. It's giant. GIAAAAAAAAAAANT.  The sensitive is good, the colors look pretty good, definitely not on the level as my monitor, of course, but good enough to work with. I still have my monitor on the side for colors. I noticed I work slightly faster because it is more intuitive than my regular tablet. i like the 1:1 . I wish the tablet extended UP a little more, standing the screen at easel levels would hurt the wrist alittle too much (unless they invent a long Handle brush type stylus) Looking down on the screen would probably hurt your neck after a while.
 One thing i would like is touchscreen for the screen keyboard. then this would be a 10/10. but then i would be in minority report punching out tom cruise.

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