Wednesday, August 1, 2012

three camera debate.

1. Black Magic cinema camera.

2. Canon 5d mark 3

3. Digital Bolex d16

Here's the deal, I've been getting a little crazy into cameras lately. I've been making animations for the last year and a half (poor ones) but it's only increased my thirst to make live action movies, documentaries. I feel like it combines all the aspects of art that I love. A wonderful craft, I've always been a bit of a story teller and I find nothing to be more rewarding than seeing a reaction from an audience.
But now I find myself dissatisfied with my video equipment, hence me buying a new workstation and searching for a new camera. Previously I recorded with a canon 60d, a fine camera but not very flexible. If I were to stay with the Dslr's I would probably choose the 2. canon 5d mark3. however it's the most expensive one of the three. 1 and 3 are camcorders,  or motion picture cameras (whatever they call them) and they shoot in RAW. Shooting in raw is very important to me because I'm really an editor at heart. I shoot my photos raw, ofcourse, and I'd love to shoot my films in raw too. The flexibility means everything. the black magic cinema camera is the cheapest one of the bunch especially since it includes almost 2 grand in black magic software. But the 3 digital bolex does have my heart. ergonomically it owns the other two for video. But the canon 5d shoots photos, I work on these photos and they are AWESOME, This is a full framed camera and uses that sensor brilliantly, but for video, it does not shoot in raw.
so, which should i get?! ahhh

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