Monday, December 24, 2012

The correct way to sharpen pencils.

There is a correct way to sharpen pencils. Are you using the pencil to write? draw? render? do clean drawings? dirty drawings? Do you want a line that is long? short lines? Straight lines? curvy lines with a consistent point? curvy lines with a varied thickness?
If you use a pencil sharpener you're stuck with one type of point. if you use a electric pencil sharpener the point is thinner but basically the same point as a manuel sharper. If the lead is harder you can sharpen it to a certain length, if you try that with a softer (blacker) lead, it will break. is the wood waxy? if it is, the wood will cut in one piece instead of breaking up. Is the blade sharp? If you want a surprise sharpen your pencil with a razorblade. cut it like you're sharpening a spear, but dont' lean it down on the lead. but before you cut the tip at the end, leave it blunt. give more angles. the angles are good. when one angle is dull, turn your pencil and use the other when they are all dull, sharpen again.

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