Sunday, April 7, 2013

mocca fest

Saw Paul Pope at Mocca Fest. This was one of the worst years, layout wise ever.


Karen said...

Can you say a little bit about why you didn't like the layout?

JR said...

hi Karen, The layout this year wasn't great for the exhibitors. This was acknowledged by the organizers by the beginning of the first day but was not corrected. In previous years there was more space for exhibitors to get from behind their table to go get food, or just walk around. This year there wasn't enough space between the tables so that exhibitors can get out from behind the table. You had to either craw under the table to get around OR walk behind other people, but because there was so little space to walk behind them, you would often be bumping into their signs, or their chairs, or their boxes/supplies/luggage.
Since this was the first year the society of illustrators was operating it, i figured someone had sketched out the layout and didn't think practically.
However, the con itself, was fun despite all the crawling.