Monday, February 9, 2015

Hellboy Progess shots

Happy Monday Friends,
Here's Some progess shots of The Hellboy image I uploaded last week.
First off, I'm a huge fan of Mike Mignola. It's always a treat seeing his interpretation of forms and his characters.
 This piece was also inspired by Jack Pierce and his Frankenstein makeup on the great Boris Karloff.

 First off, I did a quick sketch in pencil,  5h. I had a gun vs beer bottle debate at this point, beer bottle won. (sorry good samaritan) After that I put a wash of burnt sienna.

 Fleshing out the shapes, and putting in more colors. It's coming along. Because of the paper I'm using I can easily pick up colors if I screwed something up, which I did, in a lot of areas...
the paper is the discontinued 5 ply plate surface bristol paper. (4 is fine, but I still have some 5)

I think that's a di vinci watercolor brush? #5 kolinsky. And a cheapy Utrecht bright synthetic to pick up the paint. 
And here's the final, with some cleanups in photoshop.

Thanks for reading, got questions? comment.

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