Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monopod base.

A little while ago I saw a video from Mr Cheesycam on youtube on the monopod base. I have a cheapo monopod that I got years ago. The bottom of the monopod was just a spike, the spike is fine, but I wanted a more steady base, like a Benro. BUT, I don't want to spend 150 bucks on it. 

the video that inspired me.

Cool right? well, Like I said, my monopod is super cheap, probably 12 dollars when I bought it. I didn't want to waste the Base on it and attach it permanently.  So I brainstormed a detachable solution. 
For 18 dollars I bought the base from Ebay. The bottom of the base is a 3/8 male screw. The bottom of the monopod is a spiked CONE. I would have to make a connection for both parts. 
Here's the ingredients.
1.5 inch 3/8 screw
1.5 inch pvc pipe ( or 1 inch, i forget, I had some spares around) cut to about 1.5 inches

I put the coupling nut to the bottom of the base , turning it female. I then put the steel epoxy putty on the end of the monopod, after cutting off the rubber piece attached to the monopod. I made a little rig to make sure the 3/8 screw was 90 degrees. (it was still alittle off but good enough!)
After the putty hardened, i attached the pvc pipe, and put more putty on that. 

After an hour it was fully cured and good enough to test. 


Afterwards, I sprayed it down with krylon. 

Not perfectly straight, but i tested it with my camera and the biggest lens I have, worked fine. I wouldn't extend it all the way or attach more gear on the camera because of the weight, but for light shooting, this works! I'm not worried about the attachment breaking off because i put so much of the epoxy on there, that stuff is STRONG. 

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